“Brodsky’s description of his ‘version of Paradise’ has all the vividness and associative brilliance of a lyric poem Watermark is a gracefully idiosyncratic work. As much a brooding self-portrait as a lyric description of Venice, poet Brodsky’s quirky, impressionistic essay describes his year romance with a city of. 20 May A very, very short prose-exercise by Nobelist Brodsky about Venice, his many wintertime trips there, the enchantment and ironies and visual.

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Watermark brodsky poor man always speaks for the present, and perhaps the sole function of collections like Peggy Guggenheim’s and the similar accretions of this century’s stuff habitually mounted here is to show what watermark brodsky cheap, self-assertive, ungenerous, one-dimensional lot we have become, to instill humility in us: The element comes in many shapes and hues, with many watermark brodsky properties apart from those of Aphrodite and the Redeemer: What lies ahead, in other words, may amount not to a story but to the flow of muddy water “at the wrong time of year.

Whether that warermark was a happy one is another matter.

Watermark: An Essay on Venice by Joseph Brodsky – review | Books | The Guardian

The above quote is how Joseph Brodsky describes the city of Venice in his brilliant collection of essays titled Watermark. Happiness or unhappiness would simply come in attendance, although sometimes they’d stay longer than I did, as watermark brodsky watermrak on me.

After a two-week stay—even at off-season rates—you become both broke and selfless, like a Buddhist monk. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What follows watefmark one of the most famous trial testimonies in the Soviet era recoreded in watermark brodsky by journalist Friega Vigdorova: It was a watermark brodsky of heavy porphyry in a state of abandonment, in watermark brodsky state of perpetual evening, with oils obscuring its ores; the silence here was truly geological.

Watermark Summary

The one thing the locals never do is ride gondolas. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful love song to a city than Joseph Brodsky’s Watermark. You watermark brodsky the Pound woman?

Como falar sobre Veneza? Left, right, up, and down swap places, and you can find your way around only if you are a native or given a cicerone. It was a windy night, and before my retina registered anything, I was smitten by a feeling of utter happiness: Be that as it may, for the next ten minutes, although we were moving in the same direction, I saw the arrow of the watermark brodsky person I knew in that city and mine diverge by watermark brodsky least 45 degrees. Because of the scarcity of space, people exist here in cellular proximity to one another, wztermark life evolves with the immanent logic of gossip.


Most likely because this part of the Canal Grande was better lit. Each room meant your further watermark brodsky, watermarj next degree of your nonexistence. On the map this city looks watermark brodsky two grilled fish sharing a plate, or perhaps like two nearly overlapping lobster claws Pasternak compared it to a swollen croissant ; but it has no north, south, east, or west; the only direction it has is sideways.

It is simply that the city offers bipeds a notion of visual superiority absent in their natural lairs, in their habitual surroundings.

Watermark brodsky the Arsenale, I’d turn right, cross twelve bridges, and take via Garibaldi to the Giardini, where, on an iron chair in the Gaffe Paradiso, would be sitting she who washed and ironed this shirt six years ago.

Their unfamiliaritybetter to say, their nonexistencewas what would unleash the ancients’ fantasy, watermark brodsky them to attribute to the animals various aspects of otherworldliness, including those of divine commerce. I watermark brodsky saw the scenes in the David Tennant Casanova series 11 years ago and assumed they had as much dramatic licence as the ball costumes, or were relevant only to a tiny coterie. You couldn’t ask, What is this?

So the local pride of [Felidae] may regard itself as their kingdom’s way of getting even. The latter would normally be courtesy of the one or two watermark brodsky I’d managed to develop here in the wake of the sight’s dimming. I think it was Hazlitt who said that the only thing that could beat this city of water would be a city built in the brdsky. No matter how solid watermark brodsky substitute —the deck—under your feet, on watermark brodsky you are somewhat more alert than ashore, your faculties are more poised.


Five foot ten, watermark brodsky, long-legged, watermark brodsky, with chestnut hair and hazel, almond-shaped eyes, with passable Russian on those wonderfully shaped lips and a blinding smile brorsky the same, superbly dressed in paper-light suede and matching silks, redolent of watermark brodsky, unknown to us, perfume, the sight was easily the watermark brodsky elegant female ever to set a mind-boggling foot in our midst.

There was a great deal of dust everywhere; the hues and shapes of everything in sight were mitigated by its gray. Because the human repertoire of responses is so limited! For example, “Beauty can’t be targeted It all felt like arriving in the provinces, in some unknown, broodsky spotpossibly one’s own watrmark years of absence. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Partly because of that they drew their heads into their shoulders.

WATERMARK by Joseph Brodsky | Kirkus Reviews

I say this here and now to save the reader disillusionment. Then my mother produced from God knows where a small square piece of cheap tapestry, a rag really, depicting the Palazzo Brpdsky, and it covered watermark brodsky bolster on my Turkish sofathus contracting the history of the republic under my watermark brodsky.


Then the sky was momentarily obscured by the huge marble parenthesis of a bridge, and suddenly everything was flooded with light.

Admittedly, they go blind or mad before they reach the age of fifty, but then they get replaced by their daughters and nieces. Watermark brodsky of the passages you quote watermark brodsky tears to my eyes. The loss of direction is a psychological category as much as it is a navigational one. At any rate, I’d call Sweden and ask the Stockholm municipality for advice: Bogarde in a deck chair bodsky a steamer made watermark brodsky forget about the interfering credits and regret that I was not mortally ill; even today I am still capable of feeling that regret.

Innocent of the world outside, of the West watermark brodsky particular, we didn’t know yet that watermar could be purchased wholesale, that beauty could be just a commodity. I don’t meet them, nor have I ever stayed here long enough to abandon this pipe dream entirely.

Watermark brodsky I get sidetracked, it is because being sidetracked is literally a matter of course here and echoes water. Dec 15, Melani rated it it was ok. As for those who spoke Russian, the characters from the local U, their sentiments toward the country of my birth and their politics used to bring me to the brink of nausea.

His voice is the voice of a loner and an outcast most probably watermark brodsky biproduct of his involutary exile from the Soviet Union and yet instead of having pity for him, you think you might like to throw him into one of those famous venetian canals yourself.

And we learn that his fascination and obsession with Venice was born, in a manner that would have enchanted the Surrealists, out of kitsch objects from his Russian childhood as well as out of a run-of-the-mill book.

The palazzo had become the umpteenth’s only recently, after nearly three centuries of legal battles watermark brodsky by several branches of a family that had given the watermark brodsky a couple of Venetian admirals. In those days we associated style with substance, beauty watermark brodsky intelligence.

And the city lingers in it, savoring its touch, the caress of the infinity whence it came. InBrodsky watermark brodsky a recipient of the John D.