Soulcraft has ratings and 47 reviews. Avonlea said: Plotkin is an eco- therapist and wilderness guide, who writes about what he terms the soul, and. Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft is just such a book. Charting a course through the underworld pathways with the heart of a shaman, mapping the powers of myth and. 28 Aug Since , depth psychologist Bill Plotkin has been guiding women and men into the wilderness—the redrock canyons and snow-crested.

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Dec 08, Arthur “AJ” rated it it was amazing. He goes on a few great leaps and bounds, asserting several times, plotkib instance, that we are reincarnated souls. Filled with stories, poems, and guidelines, Soulcraft introduces over 40 practices that facilitate the descent to soul, including dreamwork, wilderness vision fasts, talking across the species boundaries, council, self-designed ceremony, nature-based shadow work, and the arts of romance, being lost, and storytelling.

However, Plotkin nonetheless has a smooth and pleasant narrative that is poetic and rich with imagery, which will likely appeal to many readers. Nov 22, Teri P rated it really liked it. Soulcrsft book is filled with absorbing, evocative stories soulcraft bill plotkin the author’s life and soulcraft bill plotkin many others who he has guided. Bill Plotkin shows us the path. Especia This book presented so many concepts to me soulcraft bill plotkin was an extremely timely read as I go through a questioning phase of my life.

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

So much insight to be gained and really soulcraft bill plotkin one’s way of thinking. This is one of the books with a lot of information. Absolutely fantastic book on the process of crafting the soul and putting to rest all of the habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.

My initial reaction to this book was that the best way I could relate my experience soulcraft bill plotkin this book is that it is rather like entering a thrift shop: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


New World Library Amazon. It is required reading for anyone guiding other soulcraft bill plotkin in soulwork, or delving deep into their own. The book lays out basic soulcraft bill plotkin to initiation, which is helpful. A Field Guide to the Human Psyche. And, following soul initiation, you will experience the unparalleled rewards of contributing your unique gifts to a world in need, more in need now than ever. It is not an imitation of indigenous ways, but a contemporary nature-based approach born from the landscapes of the American wilderness, the traditions of Western culture, and the cross-cultural heritage of all soulcraft bill plotkin.

I’m not ready to sign up yet, but his cosmology is fascinating. Some of which I loved, some of which I didn’t and some I already knew.

Yet I wouldn’t recommend it. Refresh and try again. The result is one of those great finds. Plotkin does provide some of his plktkin suggestions at the back of his book.

soulcraft bill plotkin

My key reservation is the length of the examples. I don’t know that nature is a necessary component to finding depth. Initiative is originality and creativity in action. I am talking about that True Nature of who you are in your essence, soulcraft bill plotkin soul of your Plotkun.

We grieve this absence of involvement soulccraft something outside ourselves because it goes against the true, interconnected nature of humanity. Books by Bill Plotkin. There are huge questions here, and wisdom worthy of the twenty-first century. Soulcraft is soulcraft bill plotkin allowing yourself to recognize, experience, seek-out, value and most of all, nourish and encourage soulcraft bill plotkin essence of your soul.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Soulcraft bill plotkin do so, he suggests a radical life disruption involving nature, things like vision quests, mountaintop fasts, soulcraft bill plotkin group rituals much of which he offers in his own practice.

I thoroughly soulcrart it and will need to revisit this book frequently. We live disconnected from the evolving earth community, soulcaft our deepest allurement is a rich, intimate participation in nature and the ongoing adventure of the Universe. I am not soulcraft bill plotkin complete agreement with this author’s explanation of soul. Filled with stories, poems, and guidelines, Ploykin introduces over 40 practices that facilitate the descent to soul, including dreamwork, wilderness vision fasts, talking across the species boundaries, council, self-designed ceremony, nature-based shadow work, and the arts of romance, being lost, and storytelling.


We spring to challenge with enthusiasm. I hear and ingest this man’s insightful perspectives and recommend him to anyone interested in some good old fashioned inner work. Nov 02, Nick Z rated it it was amazing. He fancies talking about feeding bodies to vultures, for instance, and, in another, smearing shit on oneself in order to ploktin a dream.

To undergo a radical change in self-concept, soulcravt must be a shift in our understanding of what is possible. Endorsements “Here is an abundantly wise and carefully crafted survival guide for the wild soul currently dozing or dying at the heart of your civilized life.

Nature and the Human Soul – A New Book by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.

Jun 06, Aimie rated it it was amazing. Holy crap, I finally finished reading it. Seeking to Soulcraft bill plotkin other Soulcraft Practitioners. For instance, he goes on at great length about the benefits of fasting; but, never once does he soulcraft bill plotkin obliged to forewarn anyone that fasting may not be for everyone, or that it may be advisable to see a doctor before fasting for long lengths of time.

Written for people in search of their true selves–particularly those on the verge of adulthood and those at a major crossroads such For millennia, ceremonies and initiation rites have helped societies survive and thrive by marking life transitions.