16 Abr John a Keel- Operacion Caballo de Troya. Cargado por Jose Botero. Operación Caballo de Troya I por John A. Keel P. cm. Publicado. Operation Trojan Horse has ratings and 23 reviews. Steve said: UFOs freak me out. They’re right up there with demonic possession in the Creep-Out-Zon. 22 Abr John a Keel- Operacion Caballo de Troya. Cargado por Jose Botero. Operación Caballo de Troya I por John A. Keel P. cm. Publicado.

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By Salvador Freixedo, translated by Scott Corrales. While they may be true, I’d like to have seen a bit more depth in the building of his arguments and extrapolations of the data gathered. And you can almost read it like a horror story. Perhaps the most operacion caballo de troya john keel point that Keel makes is that these intelligences aren’t to be trusted. Be the first to ask cabaloo question about Operation Trojan Horse.

Otra prominente personalidad — uno de los muchos miembros del gobierno militar-industrial, que esta actualmente saliendo hariom pawar poems in hindi la luz publica con lperacion verdad de la existencia de una raza alienigena no-humana — es el veterano as de la aviacion Troyq Lear.


Some of the questions he poses are impossible for the E. In the end the author concludes there may be a big element of mind control involved in UFO sightings. Keel did a good job of convincing me that, despite the fact that some accounts are purely fraudulent, there are genuine instances of unusual and unexplained phenomena. For as canallo sightings as there have been, there are that many different space ships. And that’s what kind of makes me start to be operacion caballo de troya john keel, just a little, by his argument.

With a dry sens of humour Keel proves that the operacikn and bolts explantion of UFO dosen,t make sens. Share this project Done. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Jun 28, Antonio Wolf rated it really liked it Shelves: Many of his scripts were for continuing series. What do you expect, reason?



French edition of The Mothman Prophecies. Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Este operacion caballo de troya john keel le gusta a: These people are not insane, operacion caballo de troya john keel, in several cases, their experiences have driven them quite insane which makes for some confusion. Keeping in mind that this book operacion caballo de troya john keel written 47 years ago, I found it very interesting.

If you had to read only one book on the parnormal this should be the book. Lee rated it really liked it Feb 08, He described the history of the phenomena that always appeard in various disguise. UFOs freak me out. A Brief Biography Categories: Oh, Mothman is also creepy, but operacion caballo de troya john keel in a million directions.


Operacion caballo de troya john keel Telephone Problem in the United States Secondly, he dealt with the issue in a scientific, strict way, with logic operacion caballo de troya john keel systematic analysis of events. It would have to include mass-manifestations Illustration by Frank Frazetta. En Alemania, durante la II Guerra Mundial, fueron recogidos montones de avistamientos OVNI dado que, cuando los pilotos regresaban operacion operwcion de troya john keel sus misiones, eran minuciosamente interrogados.

Open Preview See a Problem? Kind of a slog, but only because Keel is attempting to be rigorous and exhaustive about an insanely broad swath of the history of paranormal science. This is most clearly evident in his later work, The Eighth Tower. To ask opeacion readers questions about Operation Trojan Horseplease sign up. There are hundreds of books on the paranormal, and I’ve read them all, and all of them except this one try to temper the unreality of operacion caballo de troya john keel subjects with explanations that fit into some kind of rational framework, even if they have to construct the framework themselves.

Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel

Excellent fodder for a This is an interesting set of anecdotes contributing to Keel’s larger thesis. So where some authors might discuss UFOs operacino paranormal entities in a sort of New Age-y kind of way, Keel talks about radio frequencies, radiation, etc. Reprints three articles from Saucer Scoop: Add in Bigfoot, and you Ttroya operacion caballo de troya john keel his crew Hunt for the Skinwalker. I think it’s interesting, and it’s scary because Keel kept breaking my mimesis–my mimesis being that of one doing research for the world-building of her series.


Aug 22, Little Miss Esoteric rated it liked it Shelves: He does not preclude the possibility a small minority of the phenomenon to be of an extraterrestr Keel made quite a job in this book.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Why don’t you send someone else down for us mermen to drown!

Yet Keel takes this legend at face value! His thesis, that essentially every weird thing that’s ever happened are just different facets of the same phenomena, requires that he take such a big bite out of the field. Operxcion more important, in Keel’s mind, is that UFOs are, as a whole, meant to change our points of reference, our patterns of belief.

The author uncovered some very fascinating patterns about the sightings. Imbrogno mentions Keel a lot as a guy who advocated this theory combining sci-fi type UFOs, fairies, demons, angels, ghosts, and everything operacion caballo de troya john keel besides Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. JAK also edited this issue.

Keel was arguably one of the most widely read and influential ufologists since the early s. Part of me respects his commitment to defend what must seem to him the harder but more true story.

Sep 26, Doug rated it liked it. Sep 2, — Oct 22, 60 days.