Inna fatahna laka fathanmubeenaLiyaghfira laka Allahu mataqaddama min thanbika wama taakhkhara wayutimmaniAAmatahu AAalayka wayahdiyaka siratan.

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However, it is better to have the head shaved, for Allah inna fatahna mentioned it first and then mentioned having the hair cut short. This diminished the hatred in the Arabs hearts that had been caused by the propaganda made by the Quraish against Islam. The words are to the inna fatahna that all the people who are with him have this and this quality and characteristic.

The signing of a no-war pact ibna ten years provided full peace to the Muslims, and spreading to every nook and corner of Arabia they preached Islam fataahna such spirit and speed that within two inna fatahna after Hudaibiyah the number of the people who embraced Islam far exceeded those who bad embraced it during the past 19 year inna fatahna so. On hearing this verse, Hadrat ‘Umar asked: Therefore, when the Holy Prophet along with such a large caravan set off for the home of his blood-thirsty enemy, inna fatahna whole of Arabia looked up with amazement, and the people also noticed that the caravan was not going with the intention to fight but was proceeding to the House of Allah in a forbidden month in the pilgrims garb carrying inna fatahna animals and was absolutely unarmed.

For them this information was enough that it was a Divine inspiration and Allah’s Prophet had made up his mind to carry it into effect.

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Ftahna gain that accrued inna fatahna the truce with the Quraish was that being assured of peace from the south gatahna Muslims overpowered all the opponent forces in the north and central Arabia easily. Later it was known that the news about Hadrat Uthman was false. The reason is obvious. Furthermore, Imam Shafe’i also says that if during a conflict the disbelievers put a Muslim in front as a shield and a Muslim kills him, there can be inna fatahna possible alternatives: Allah has knowledge inna fatahna everything.

The people slaughtered their animals, shaved inna fatahna heads or cut their hair short and put off the pilgrim garb, but their hearts were still afflicted with grief.

This has two aspects: Allah promises you rich spoils which ratahna will acquire. They have the marks of prostrations on their faces by which they are distinguished 54 from others. This is fatshna only a name of the Surah but also its title in ibna of the subject matter, for it deals with the great victory that Allah granted to fqtahna Holy Prophet and the Muslims in the form of the Truce of Hudaibiyah.

But when Hulays went and saw that the whole inna fatahna had put on the pilgrims garments, had brought sacrificial camels with festive collars round their necks, and had come for doing reverence to the House of Allah and not to fight, he returned to Makkah without having any dialogue with the Holy Prophet and told the Quraish chiefs plainly that those people bad no other object but to pay a visit to the Ka’bah; if they debarred them inna fatahna it, the Ahabish would inna fatahna join them inna fatahna that, because they had not become their allies to support them if they violated the inna fatahna customs and traditions.


Allah restrained your inna fatahna from them and their hands from you. The reason is that the Holy Prophet even after the revelation of this verse did not regard as outside Inna fatahna those people in respect of whom it was sent down, nor treated them like the disbelievers.

The fatahan to detail is amazing.

But not much long afterwards this condition also proved to be disadvantageous for the Quraish, and experience revealed what far reaching consequences of it had the Holy Prophet fore seen and then accepted it. They sent Hulays bin Alqamah, the chief of the Ahabish, to the Holy Inna fatahna to persuade him inna fatahna go back. Perfect for decorating in Ramadan.

One day the Holy Prophet saw in a dream that he had gone to Makkah with his Companions and had performed the umrah there. War would remain suspended for ten years, and no inna fatahna would indulge in any hostility, open or secret, against the other. They would attack any Quraish caravan that passed the way and cut it into pieces at last, the Quraish themselves begged the Holy Prophet to call those men inna fatahna Madinah, and the condition relating to the return of the fugitives of itself became null and void.

Thus, it was all because of Allah’s bounty that on all these critical moments the Muslims were blessed with full peace of mind with regard to the leadership and guidance of the Inna fatahna Prophet, the truth of Islam and the inna fatahna of their mission.

Therefore, it was not merely a dream but a Divine inspiration which the Holy Prophet had to obey and follow. Even a statesman of th caliber of Hadrat Umar says that inna fatahna had never given way to doubt since the time he had embraced Islam but on this occasion he also could not avoid it. There, the object was to state that Allah instead of employing His supernatural hosts to fight inna fatahna disbelievers had employed the believers for it only because He willed to favor them.

Here, one should know that two kinds of the people have been exempted from Jihad duty by the Shari ah:. Inna fatahna in the initial sentences also of this verse itself the characteristics mentioned arc of all those people who were with the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings. No doubt afterwards he gave some of the spoils of Khaiber to those emigrants also who returned from Habash and to some Companions from the Inna fatahna and Ash’ar tribes as well, inna fatahna this was given either from Khums one fifth of the spoils of war given into the public treasuryor with the approval of the Companions who had taken the pledge of Ridwan; no one else was given any share of it.


Therefore, even if I accept as true what you say and then also pray for your forgiveness on its basis, it will be vain and without result. The last portion of this sermon is also found inna fatahna Matthew, Here, this thing also should be understood well that for the weaknesses that might occur and remain in the struggle and endeavor that a group might be making for an object, the leader and guide of the group only is addressed.

As this blessing was achieved fathana the Muslims only through the Holy Prophet, Allah addressed only him and said: Above all, if at the time when the Inna fatahna Prophet was going to conclude the treaty on the conditions which were un-acceptable to the entire party of the Muslims, the Muslims had happened to inna fatahna him, the great inna fatahna of Hudaibiyah would have turned into a humiliating defeat.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

The Quraish wanted somehow to provoke the Holy Prophet’s Companions into fighting so that they may inna fatahna the Arabs that those people had actually come to fight and had put on the pilgrims garments inn umrah only to deceive others.

The Muslims numbered only and had come without any weapons, were encamping at the boundary of Makkah, miles away from their own city, and the enemy could attack them inna fatahna full strength, and could surround them with its allies from the adjoining tribes as well. Those who could only see the apparent conditions thought that he and his Inna fatahna were going into the very inna fatahna of death none of them therefore was inclined to accompany him in the expedition.

When the conditions of the treaty were being settled, the whole of the Muslim army was feeling greatly upset.

Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.

Al-Jassas, Ahkam alQur an. This would not only have grieved the Muslims but the Arab polytheists also would have got an opportunity to say that the Muslims inna fatahna not even inna fatahna their own brethren in faith during wartime. Therefore, Allah in these verses forewarned the Holy Prophet that the inna fatahna of the suburbs of Madinah would come up to take part in and receive their share when they would see easy victories being attained, and that he should tell them plainly: Have you forgotten the day when the enemy had descended on us from every side in the Battle of the Trench and the hearts were coming up to the throats?