I can only find spurious references to this book online. I’m using it as my primary resource for learning Greek. I’m only on the 30th lesson. Le Grec ancien by Assimil – Collection Sans Peine and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at : Assimil Le Grec Ancien (livre) [ Ancient greek for French speakers ] (Greek Edition) () by Jean-Pierre Guglielmi and a great.

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Return to Learning Greek. Basically I went through it because I was interested about the audio. Users browsing this forum: Corrections are welcome especially for projects.

Has anyone used the Ancient Greek Assimil? I agree with Robert Todd.

Le Grec ancien

My guess is after finishing the book you’ll still have difficulties with the Apology. I can’t claim to speak from experience, assimil grec ancien I suppose the time will be well spent. Specifically, the edition of Le Grec ancien see cover, belowso I could get double-duty practicing French and Greek. But almost any resource out ancienn will help, bit by bit.

Why did the ancient Greeks create mythology? What is Ancient Greek? How much Greek did you know at the end? How did the Ancient Greeks worship Hades? Related Questions Ancient Greek: But to answer your question — I don’t know. What does this mean in Ancient Greek? I assimil grec ancien the Apology is one of the easier ones.


Effectiveness of Assimil- “Le Grec Ancien sans Peine” : Learning Greek

How different is the Ancient Greek language from the modern Greek language? I’m using it as my primary resource for learning Greek.

So, not a good resource for solid grammar. Could assimil grec ancien read something like Plato’s “Apology” with relatively little ahcien Working through it increased my fluency, but by how much?

Le Grec ancien, apprendre le grec ancien – Assimil

What race were the Ancient Greeks? Certainly it has about the best reconstructed Greek audio I’m aware of or actually I think one of the four voices was very good, one the two men — but he was assimil grec ancien good Assimil grec ancien think it made it worthwhile to go through the whole book, although the others were not so good. I’m only on the 30th lesson. Greek is difficult whatever you do. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning assimil grec ancien, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.


In this case French, but of course those connections are often applicable to other tongues. Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. In general, it is innovative.

Like anything else, assimil grec ancien is no magic bullet. Did the Ancient Greeks know about the existence of the Chinese? I’m wondering if anyone here has actually completed the book. And it boasts adorable cartoons! How did the assimil grec ancien Greeks live? I did for my 2nd or 3rd time around for Ancient Greek.

Was Ancient Macedonia Greek? How did the Ancient Greeks worship Hecate?

Assimil Le Grec Ancien

Last, the format is simply beautiful. Each chapter section and subsection is clearly presented and easy wncien follow at a glance. Related Questions Were the ancient Greeks black? Google Adsense [Bot]KaragialisTugodum and assimil grec ancien guests. First learn some Greek, then assimil grec ancien the metalanguage, or something like that.

It is very use-oriented and user-friendly.